Sunday, 21 September 2008

Download internetworkexpert CCIE R&S Video Day 4

Exterior Gateway Routing

  • Establishing Peerings
  • Authentication
  • EBGP
  • iBGP
  • Bestpath Selection
  • Originating Prefixes
  • Default Originate
  • Communities
  • Local AS
  • Conditional Advertisement
  • Outbound Route Filtering
  • Dampening
  • Peer Groups
  • Regular Expressions
  • Remove Private AS
  • Timers
  • Fast External Fallover
  • Max Prefix

IP Multicast
  • IGMP
  • PIM
  • Reverse Path Forwarding
  • RP Assignments
  • NBMA Mode
  • Stub Routing
  • Shared/Source Trees
  • Multicast over GRE
  • TTL Scoping
  • Multicast Rate Limiting

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Anonymous said...

hello. i got the day 4 links at this site. can u please give me the links for day 5 at thanks for your efforts.

brn 0vr said...

Hi Thanks for your gr8 share ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hai, i got the day1, day2, day 3 from this site. But unfurtunately before i could download day 4 it is blocked. It will be very helpful if you could share Day 4 again. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...


thanx for the share. need 2 to 5

Pichan said...

Hello sir, I really want to watch this video because I am going to train for a ccie. Please send me the link , here is my email address