Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Why we use LINUX ????

Linux is better than Windows because ...

0. Linux developers don't disguise their listings on Google by pretending they're about Windows. Actual Google listing:

Linux Download
Customize your Operating System. Learn more about Windows Embedded.

1. Linux screen blankers don't turn your PC into a Microsoft ad.

2. It isn't fair to say the Windows GUI is a poor copy of X-windows. Actually it's a poor copy of the Mac.

3. Windows, being a commercial product, is so ridiculously insecure an undergraduate student in the Phillipines could accidentally bring down millions of systems. Microsoft's answer to this was that if anyone is stupid enough to click on an icon generated by Microsoft's own software, they deserve what they get. Unix and Linux have not had a self-propagating virus or worm in over 10 years. Of course Windophiles will say that's only because no one ever tries to write a Unix virus, but we know of a few people in Redmond who would do it if they could. Unix was used for years at universities where many of the authorized users were students intentionally trying to crash the system. Now that's reliability

4. You are charged between $100 and $200 for Windows every time you buy a PC (Microsoft dosen't want you to know exactly how much) even if you're replacing a PC that already has Windows. If you want to run a server you have to pay extra for Windows NT. Then you have to pay extra for a server. With Linux, everything is included for one price. And that price is nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero.

5. Windows protects you from the fearsome experience of being able to see exactly how the operating system works. Just "Wait while setup prepares the Install Shield Wizard".

6. With Linux the source code is included. With Windows having the source code would be illegal, (unless you pay a lot more than you already pay, and even then Microsoft developers get more than you do).

7. Windows requires you agree to a license that no one has ever had the endurance to read all the way through. For all you know, it might include a demand for your first born child. With Linux, the license says: "You can do anything you want with this software. Enjoy."

8. Linux is fully compatible with the Posix standard. Windows is partially compatible with earlier versions of Windows.

9. Unix mail allows you to communicate with anyone. Microsoft mail allows you to communicate with anyone who also has Microsoft Mail. (Yes, we know you can manually enter an SMTP address in a message, but the addressing database is designed to make it virtually impossible to ensure that other users will automatically send to the SMTP address. You can forward your mail, but then reply dowsn't work.)

10. Linus Torvalds is a system programming specialist (and a nice guy) who spent 7 years as a graduate student in Helsinki so he could develop Linux for you. Bill Gates is a marketing specialist (and an egotist) who built a 40 room house with your money.

11. Linux allows you to reboot when you want to. Windows forces you to reboot when you install new software, try to actually use your software, or sometimes just because the sky is blue. - contributed by Derric Tubbs

12. Linux runs on way more hardware than Windoze: SPARC, MIPS, ARM, PowerPC, Alph a, etc. Windoze runs on x86, The NT flavour runs on one real processor in addition (Alpha). That's a small pool of hardware to base a future on, especially as even Intel has calculated that x86 is approaching end-of-life. -- contributed by Willem de Lind van Wijngaarden

13 The Navy's "Smart Ship" based on Windows NT failed so totally it had to be TOWED BACK TO PORT TWICE just because the computers wouldn't work. (This has not happened with another Navy project, a Unix-based submarine control system.) But the DOD still insists on using Microsoft as a "sole source" even though "sole source" procurement is supposed to be avoided and many of its own people would like to use software that's cheaper and better.

14. Microsoft won't let anyone look at its algorithms, so it took painstaking study to determine that the statistical procedures in Excel are inaccurate, invalidating the results of anyone unwise enough to use it. Of course you won't see this in a Microsoft ad. (McCullough, BD, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis v31 (1999) 27-37.)

15. Linus Torvalds didn't have to pay off George Bush's staff to ensure Bush will drop the Justice Department suit against Microsoft if he's elected. ("Ralph Reed, a senior consultant to Gov. George W. Bush's presidential campaign, [and former head of the Christian Coalition] apologized today for lobbying the governor on behalf of the Microsoft Corporation and promised not to lobby him again." -- New York Times, 4-11-00)

16. NT means "not today".

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