Thursday, 20 March 2008

Download: CBT Linux - 10 CDs

CBT Linux - 10CDs Including:

CD01 - Linux Basic
CD02 - Client Install
CD03 - Linux RedHat Desktop
CD04 - Linux RedHat Client Admin
CD05 - Linux RedHat Server Install
CD06 - Linux RedHat System Management
CD07 - Linux RedHat Network Admin
CD08 - Linux RedHat Web Services

CD01 - Linux Basic:

CD02 - Client Install:

CD03 - Linux RedHat Desktop:

CD04 - Linux RedHat Client Admin:

CD05 - Linux RedHat Server Install:

CD06 - Linux RedHat System Management:

CD07 - Linux RedHat Network Admin:


Harry said...

I am not able to download the following link
Plz reupload the link.


Bruce said...

I'm not able to download the files for CDs 1 ~ 5 - they've all been removed! :-(
Please reupload these once more

thanks again