Sunday, 12 July 2009

Link-Layer Connectivity Class-on-Demand

Link-Layer Connectivity Class-on-Demand Outline

Each VoD attempts to address a specific configuration task related to link-layer technologies deployed using the Cisco IOS and examine all possible options related to the specific task. This "options analysis" learning and problem solving approach is often exhibited in the form of options analysis decision tree diagrams. Several of these decision trees are exhibited below with the description of each of the VoD Blocks of this series.

  • Interface Classification and Configuring Point-to-Point Links
  • Comparing the Catalyst Layer 2 versus Layer 3 Port Configuration Options
  • Configuring Access Ports on a Catalyst Switch
  • Configuring Catalyst Port Speeds, Duplex Settings and UDLD
  • Configuring VTP
  • Configuring Trunk Ports
  • Configuring 802.1Q and the Native VLAN
  • Configuring EtherChannel
  • Configuring Spanning Tree

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