Wednesday, 21 April 2010

How would you limit the bandwidth on a switch port?

Edit: this configuration doesn’t seem to be that simple, because it’s not working very well on my 3560 now.

Edit #2: It turns out everything works as stated, except for the minor fact that the command slows your interface down.

Go into interface configuration mode, on the port you are making changes on.

switch(config-if)#srr-queue bandwidth ?
limit Configure bandwidth-limit for this interface
shape Configure shaping on transmit queues
share Configure shared bandwidth

These is what the IOS help is showing; you can see that there are more options than merely limiting the bandwidth.

switch(config-if)#srr-queue bandwidth limit ?
<10-90> enter bandwidth limit for interface as percentage

The percentage value range that should be entered, ranging from 10 to 90. The default is 100.

Therefore, a workaround to limit the switch port’s speed to 5mbps would be to do the following instead:

switch(config-if)#speed 10

switch(config-if)#srr-queue bandwidth limit 50

*Remember that this will slow your interface down, as it’s reduced from a 100mbps interface to a 10mbps interface instead.

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